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This selection of articles can be used as a road map for associations and not-for-profit organizations to ramp up sponsorship programs to increase revenue and member value.

“Structuring Association Sponsorship Programs to Win”

It’s no longer a given that companies that sell to your members will sponsor your association.

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“Content is King When Competing for Sponsors”

Offering sponsors content placement opportunities and providing sponsors with metrics on how their content is performing is a great way to add value for sponsor companies while delivering content that members need.

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“How to Nurture Sponsor Relationships Amid Virus Cancellations”

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. That’s why this article about mitigating the impacts of Covid-19 on sponsorships has useful lessons for today and the future.

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“What Do Your Sponsors Really Want?”

Learn about the findings of a survey that reveals what companies are seeking in sponsorship programs and how associations can provide value to attract more sponsors.

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“Buh Bye Bronze, Silver & Gold, We’re Adopting a New Year-Round Approach to Sponsorship”

Traditional à la carte, event-centric sponsorships are losing favor with some companies. There is potential for more revenue and member value with a year-round approach to sponsorships.

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“Looking for Sponsor Dollars? Try These Two Hot Areas”

Traditionally, sponsorships have been funded from companies’ market budgets. A new strategy is sponsorship funding from companies’ diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and environmental sustainability budgets.

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“10 Steps to a Successful Corporate Sponsorship Program”

An association that wasn’t seeing much growth in sponsor revenue launched a new program – during the early months of the pandemic – that resulted in additional revenue and much-needed support for its members.

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Learning how to increase sponsorship revenue – in alignment with your organization’s mission – is critical for organizational success.