What people are saying about Bruce Rosenthal …

You know that you are rather the guru of sponsorships ... right? (Meant in the most positive of ways.)

Director, Strategic Partnerships, Association of Business Professionals

Thank you so much for your participation during our conference. As always, you do a quality presentation and we are very grateful for your willingness to share your knowledge, insights, and feedback.

Fundraising Association Executive

Thank you for another brilliant piece of advice.

Business Association Executive

Bruce's approach to nonprofit sponsorship and partnership is a unique and profitable way to engage with corporate sponsors that provides year-long and potentially life-long value and benefit to both the nonprofit and the sponsor.

Travis Johnson, Nonprofit Architect Podcast

On behalf of my team, THANK YOU for everything you have done for us this year. Our year has been completely transformational, and we are SO excited about the future.

Director of Corporate Engagement, Education/Technology Association

I really appreciate your posts as I'm looking at the daunting task of talking to 20 sponsors and 60 other exhibitors for our conference that was canceled [due to Covid]. Your words are helpful when I can't think straight.

Association Executive at ASAE Conference

As we get near the end of your consulting project with us, I want to share what a delightful and educational process it has been. I readily admit to entering as a bit of a skeptic but am converted. Well done!

President & CEO, Business Association

I periodically share your information with my colleagues as it helps to educate them as well as validate my approach.

Corporate Relations Manager, Urgent Care Association

Your presentation style was memorable and helped reinforce the content. You emphasized the rationale of your recommendations on top of the specific tips you shared. It's great to have practical takeaways to begin implementing when you return home from a conference, and it's perhaps even more powerful to bring back a refreshed mindset.

Association Executive at a Conference

Bruce took charge of the design and practice of LeadingAge's new corporate partnership program, demonstrating constant innovation, intense creativity, and flexibility. In the subsequent years, he continued the evolution and transformation of the program to meet the evolving needs of corporate partners and the association.

Zachary Sikes, Former Senior Vice President of Business Development, LeadingAge

What I valued most in working with Bruce was his ability to transform corporate sponsors into ongoing corporate partnerships. For the corporations, the benefit was a strategic plan that would contribute to their long-term goals.

(The late) Sharon Hadary, Founding and Former Executive Director, Center for Women’s Business Research

One of the best moves I made was to hire Bruce Rosenthal Associates to review our corporate partnership program. Bruce expertly and comprehensively analyzed our program. He provided guidance and training as we launched our new program. As a result, not only has revenue increased, but so has partner satisfaction

Associate Executive Director, American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

Determining the best strategy … the best business model … for your organization’s sponsorship program growth will result in increased revenue and member value for years to come.