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Successful sponsorship programs are based on well-thought-out strategies and business models.


The sponsorship landscape is changing rapidly; tips and ideas can lead to greater revenue generation.


Education and training are key components to bring organizations’ staff up-to-speed on ways to improve sponsorship programs.


The way to create a sponsorship program that meets the needs of organizations and their sponsors involves evaluating, restructuring, and implementing.

Partnership Professionals Network

Networking, best practices, education, and training through PPN provide helpful resources and new ideas for the sponsorship community.


Featured events provide opportunities for education and networking to build better non-dues revenue sponsorship initiatives.

About PPN

PPN provides solutions, best practices, education, and training to improve partnership and sponsorship programs.


Featured events provide opportunities for education and networking to build better non-dues revenue sponsorship initiatives.

What People Are Saying …

  • Bruce took charge of the design and practice of LeadingAge's new corporate partnership program, demonstrating constant innovation, intense creativity, and flexibility. In the subsequent years, he continued the evolution and transformation of the program to meet the evolving needs of corporate partners and the association.

    Zachary Sikes, Former Senior Vice President of Business Development, LeadingAge
  • What I valued most in working with Bruce was his ability to transform corporate sponsors into ongoing corporate partnerships. For the corporations, the benefit was a strategic plan that would contribute to their long-term goals.

    Sharon Hadary, Founding and Former Executive Director, Center for Women’s Business Research
  • One of the best moves I made was to hire Bruce Rosenthal Associates to review our corporate partnership program. Bruce expertly and comprehensively analyzed our program. He provided guidance and training as we launched our new program. As a result, not only has revenue increased, but so has partner satisfaction

    Associate Executive Director, American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
  • I’ve read through many of the resources on the PPN website that have been very helpful.

    Healthcare Association
  • My colleague and I left yesterday’s PPN meeting energized to jump-start our association’s corporate liaison program.

    Healthcare Association
  • The meeting was useful and I can see how this group will continue to be a great resource.

    Trade Association
  • Your resources are outstanding. Thank you for taking a leadership role at this difficult time.

    Business Association
  • All of your expert advice is greatly appreciated.

    Event Planning Organization

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Data Tells Story about Barriers to Generating Sponsor Revenue

Associations are achieving their non-dues revenue budget goals only half or one-third of the time. Non-dues Meeting Sponsorships achieve budget goals 48% of the time; Non-Dues Exhibits 39% of the...

Competition for Sponsored Components at Conferences

What to do when three companies want to sponsor the same component at the association’s annual conference? This question was posted on an ASAE listserv with an idea about auctioning off the lanyard...

Words Have Power When It Comes to Successful Sponsorships

Words matter when it comes to organizations' corporate relationships. I worked for an association CEO; we had a robust corporate partner program. The association CEO never called the companies...

What to do When Your Sponsors “Go Rogue”

A friend whispered to me, “do you know what some companies are doing? They’re not sponsoring or exhibiting at association conferences and expos. They’re registering as attendees, networking with...

What does Listening have to do with Sponsorship Success?

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.” – Bryant H. McGill This quote is excellent guidance for successful corporate sponsorships and...

Do Sponsors Sell, Sell, Sell? Not Necessarily

One of the biggest concerns about corporate sponsors is .... if they’re given a platform, they’ll sell. if we let them present at a conference session or webinar, they’ll sell if we let them do...

Member Email Addresses for Sponsors?

Hardly a week goes by that I don’t hear “our association’s event sponsors and exhibitors want attendee email addresses, however, our policy is to not share email addresses.” The other scenario is...

The Tipping Point of Sponsorships

Journalist and author Malcolm Gladwell defines the tipping point as “the moment of CRITICAL MASS, the THRESHOLD, the BOILING POINT”. I believe that 2022 was the tipping point for many organizations’...


Bruce Rosenthal is a strategic advisor and consultant to associations and not-for-profit organizations, creating successful corporate partnership programs that increase revenue and add member/constituent value.

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